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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BH Cosmetics

So I got this 40 shade eyeshadow palette in the mail today and i totally was not expecting it, it's the most beautiful palette i've ever seen. It's called the BH Party Girl Palette, the colors are gorgeous only one problem the case it come in is completely plain, i mean not even with a mirror!!!!!

So first thought that comes to mind is....DIY!!! So i'm getting out all my supplies, anything I think I can use to "pretty" it up. I have my design duct tape, a bunch of sticker, some jewelry glue and some hair clips with feathers on them, perfect for my morning, (afternoon) project!
So I was thinking about putting a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff on it and making it super girly. One thing led to another and I was gluing feathers and butterflies together, as I was going along I was realizing I wasn't doing anything that I planned, it was becoming something special, very me.  So this no mirror thing was not working for me because when i'm putting on my makeup,
(sitting on my bathroom counter) I hate not having an up close mirror it really bugs me to use a different mirror than the eyeshadow palette that i'm using. So anyways, (after that rant) I decided that I needed to put one in, but where and how would I get a mirror? So I think to myself okay I have this big mirror that broke off of my Sephora box so I could use that, so i'm trying really hard to get this mirror unattached to this plastic without breaking the mirror. I finally got it off and what do you know I have no way to cut it because I have no glass cutter. So bummed out I get this idea to use an old compact mirror, which that mirror came off the back way easier, I suppose because it's smaller in size and way less glue. After maybe an hour and a half's work put into this project I got what I definitely think is a masterpiece!! It's really beautiful, very girly, very me.

This is my end result but I was bumming it today guys so I didn't get a chance to try it out, so for this very post and it being my very first post in this blog I decided to try it out for you just very simply  nothing special real quick. Mind you I can never get my eyeshadow to come up in pictures so this really is a treat for all of you!!! <3 Let me know what you think....xoxo
So this is what it looks like on I tried a few of the top browns, I honestly love how it came out, I think the colors compliment my skin tone well even though I wish I had a tan.  =(
So I'm signing off on my first post I hope you liked it and didn't find it boring. <3