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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

100% Pure

           So I Got my First Affiliate for this blog!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!                                 

        This company is legit! They have beautiful makeup. They are featured in magazines such as InStyle. They are moderately priced, around the same as most makeup stores. There is literally something on this site for everyone!!! Gifts for friends, kids, parents, grandparents, it's the real deal. An ever better treat is they are cruelty free, the animals are safe. =) They are Vegan, they don't use  perfumes or fragrances. They are perfect for sensitive skin, they have skincare, bath and body products as well as haircare. Of course the reason they are even on this page , the makeup, let me tell you about the makeup besides what I've already told you, they use fruit pigments instead of harsh chemicals and other things that we really don't want in our makeup, face, or body for that matter. Definitely check them out, they have some pretty awesome deals right now. I have their link and banner up on the top you can click on to buy some of their amazing products that I'm sure you'll love to pieces. <3

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