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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 blush and bronzers

  Okay Blush/Bronzers/Brushes                  

           I don't have many of those but I will show them together oh and my brushes, which are not very much =/

          This Web Site Is Awesome!!!!!!!      

           Okay so are you ready to hear about this web site I've been talking about???? So they have cheap loose powders and sample pigments you can use this stuff for make up or projects or jewelry or whatever you want and I'm super excited to tell you guys about it cause I literally just found it on facebook about 5 minutes ago and I just had to share. So are you still interested???? You still with me here????? 
This stuff is great I cannot wait to buy me some I'm all fired up about it. Check them out and see if you've fallen "in love" like me..... =)

          Another Affiliate!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!    

           So I've got another affiliate that's 2 now, I really need to step up my game cause I could be making some money, which I really need some of my own, I think I can do it though. Keep me in your thoughts and send me good wishes. So this new affiliate is which sells perfume No but seriously you need to go get some from this site cause you could be missing out on a great deal, they have perfumes 75% off. They have every perfume you could ever want, everyone likes to smell good. I like the Lady Gaga perfume, Viva La Juicy, Taylor Swift's new one I forget what it's called, cool water. so you know I like alot those are just a few of them but seriously check out this site i guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Eyeshadow palettes

                   So I'm going to start a process of sharing my makeup I own with all of you!!!!                                        

        So my eyeshadow palettes, I'm not going to lie I am so blessed to have a wonderful fiance and a wonderful new family, they are awesome especially my mother-in-law, she's very caring, supportive and understanding but i definately left one out, she's very generous and now I see where her wonderful son gets it from, she's very generous!!! I love them alot. It's not easy gaining a new family and although it's been tough at times, they've taken me into their beautiful home and accepted me for me. They support my wants, needs and dreams. Ok so now I will stop ranting about how fourtunate I am and talk about what I really came to talk about, my eyeshadow palettes and most of them were either bought or given to me because I simply cannot afford them. Lets see my first one out of my drawer of makeup is my Urban Decay Roller Girl's beautiful, the colors are great, they go on smoothly and look beautiful on.

The next eyeshadow palette that I'm going to show you is my 5 color purple Sephora brand eyeshadow palette. The colors are a variation of shimmer and some glitter purples, they don't go on as smoothly and the color is kind of hard to rub off on the brush or your finger but when you do finally get it on it's very pretty. It came with a mirror and 2 brushes, I got it in the discount bin I think it was about $9 so I really lucked out.                                                                               

              Okay the next eyeshadow palette I'm going to show you is my Hello Kitty 8 shade palette. The whole thing is adorable and I got that in the discount bin at Sephora as well for only $11 it really was a  steal


Naked eye palette, this literally can give you that natural look like you're not even wearing makeup but it also can give you a done up look as well, I'd have to say it's my favorite.
I've got my Urban Decay Naked 2 for my next show and let me tell you these are smooth beautiful feeling and looking colors, it also came with a 2 sided brush. This has got to be one of my favorite palettes as well, and still pretty natural but also you can go out and party while wearing these so they're very viverse on how you can use them, it's limitless. =)


The next one I'm going to show you is probably the most awesome deal of all I got this one at the Dollar Tree and it was literally only a buck. It's got lots of vibrant colors that work well.
Okay so I'm just going to show you the rest  of the eyeshadow palettes bacause I almost lost everything thus far when my laptop just decided to shut off on me in the middle of typing so the rest of the pics are going to be down here I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you more about them. =/


Thank You for reading all of this you are all awesome and BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3 xoxo Love you all!!!!

100% Pure

           So I Got my First Affiliate for this blog!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!                                 

        This company is legit! They have beautiful makeup. They are featured in magazines such as InStyle. They are moderately priced, around the same as most makeup stores. There is literally something on this site for everyone!!! Gifts for friends, kids, parents, grandparents, it's the real deal. An ever better treat is they are cruelty free, the animals are safe. =) They are Vegan, they don't use  perfumes or fragrances. They are perfect for sensitive skin, they have skincare, bath and body products as well as haircare. Of course the reason they are even on this page , the makeup, let me tell you about the makeup besides what I've already told you, they use fruit pigments instead of harsh chemicals and other things that we really don't want in our makeup, face, or body for that matter. Definitely check them out, they have some pretty awesome deals right now. I have their link and banner up on the top you can click on to buy some of their amazing products that I'm sure you'll love to pieces. <3

BH Cosmetics

So I got this 40 shade eyeshadow palette in the mail today and i totally was not expecting it, it's the most beautiful palette i've ever seen. It's called the BH Party Girl Palette, the colors are gorgeous only one problem the case it come in is completely plain, i mean not even with a mirror!!!!!

So first thought that comes to mind is....DIY!!! So i'm getting out all my supplies, anything I think I can use to "pretty" it up. I have my design duct tape, a bunch of sticker, some jewelry glue and some hair clips with feathers on them, perfect for my morning, (afternoon) project!
So I was thinking about putting a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff on it and making it super girly. One thing led to another and I was gluing feathers and butterflies together, as I was going along I was realizing I wasn't doing anything that I planned, it was becoming something special, very me.  So this no mirror thing was not working for me because when i'm putting on my makeup,
(sitting on my bathroom counter) I hate not having an up close mirror it really bugs me to use a different mirror than the eyeshadow palette that i'm using. So anyways, (after that rant) I decided that I needed to put one in, but where and how would I get a mirror? So I think to myself okay I have this big mirror that broke off of my Sephora box so I could use that, so i'm trying really hard to get this mirror unattached to this plastic without breaking the mirror. I finally got it off and what do you know I have no way to cut it because I have no glass cutter. So bummed out I get this idea to use an old compact mirror, which that mirror came off the back way easier, I suppose because it's smaller in size and way less glue. After maybe an hour and a half's work put into this project I got what I definitely think is a masterpiece!! It's really beautiful, very girly, very me.

This is my end result but I was bumming it today guys so I didn't get a chance to try it out, so for this very post and it being my very first post in this blog I decided to try it out for you just very simply  nothing special real quick. Mind you I can never get my eyeshadow to come up in pictures so this really is a treat for all of you!!! <3 Let me know what you think....xoxo
So this is what it looks like on I tried a few of the top browns, I honestly love how it came out, I think the colors compliment my skin tone well even though I wish I had a tan.  =(
So I'm signing off on my first post I hope you liked it and didn't find it boring. <3